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VMware vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA)

August 13, 2012 Leave a comment

I was having a play with my new iPad today and decided to take a look at the VMware vSphere Client for the iPad.

Having installed the app, I discovered that I needed to install VMware vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA) to get the iPad client to connect.

I was surprised that the vCMA  is a fully configured and ready to run virtual appliance that is required to manage your datacenter from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (iPad).  Using either a mobile browser or the native iPad application, administrators can perform various troubleshooting and remediation activities in their VMware environments from anywhere in the world.

Take a look at this video using the appliance on a BlackBerry.

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Auto Deploy GUI: Fling

Recently it was my pleasure to teach Massimiliano Daneri (Max) from VMware, who works in the Center of Excellence group.

During the course he showed us his great new tool for managing Auto Deployment of ESXi 5.0 hosts.

You can check out the tool at

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Reclaim Space: Great new tool from VMware Labs (Fling)

VMware Labs have released a great new tool for reclaiming space from a thin provisioned disk/LUN.

The disk must be a local physical disk or LUN, and must be used as a RDM within the vm.

Written by Faraz Shaikh and Prasanna Aithal, Guest Reclaim reclaims dead space from NTFS volumes hosted on a thin provisioned SCSI disk.

  • Reclaim space from Simple FAT/NTFS volumes
  • Works on WindowsXP to Windows7
  • Can reclaim space from flat partitions and flat disks
  • Can work in virtual as well as physical machines

You can check it out at

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