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vSphere 5.1 – Enhanced vMotion

A new feature released in vSphere 5.1 is the ability to vMotion a virtual machine from one host to another, and at the same time migrate the VMs storage from one datastore to another.

This new feature is not available in the vSphere client, the newly updated Web Client must be used to access this option.

To demonstrate the feature, we have a Windows Server 2003 vm (2003-1), that is currently running on esx-1, and is located on a local datastore:

We access the enhanced vMotion option by right-clicking or accessing the Actions pull-down menu:

We select Migrate, and get the options to change host (vMotion), change datastore (Storage vMotion), and change both host and datastore (Enhanced vMotion):

After selecting to change both, as we are in a cluster, we select the destination host is in the cluster:

Now we select to other host to migrate to (esx-2):

Now we select the datastore to move to, I have selected the SharedVMs datastore:

Next we get the option to ensure that sufficient resources are available:

Finally we have a summary of the task:

And after a few moments, we see that the vm have moved over to the new host and datastore with no downtime:

As you can see it’s a really nice enhancement to vMotion/Storage vMotion.

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